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Process Development

Process Development refers to the necessary steps, from start to finish, that are required to yield a reliable product that meets predetermined specifications.

Finding the Way

Processes are a scope that takes into account the full spectrum of how to produce a product – including equipment type as well its specific parameters, handling instructions, unique protocols, and foreseeable challenges that require special attention (often requiring specifications for steps within the process, and not just the finished product). 


A process is highly specific, and often communicated through a master copy of Instruction Guidelines, several sets of instructions designed for one or several specific and interconnected steps or “stations”, a Process Flow Diagram, and segmented Batch Sheets (per station). This wealth of information, when combined with a formulaic recipe and supplier-specific ingredients, creates a high level of complexity that safeguards company intellectual property.

Services Include:
  • Crafting processing approaches for plant-based foods & at various levels of scale

  • Identifying and sourcing equipment

  • Sourcing specialized expertise for equipment operation

  • Drafting various documentation needs per scale of production

  • Assessing instructions for revision post-production trial

  • Translating instructions from English to Spanish


Processes can influence a formulation, sometimes in the form of implementing ingredients referred to as processing aids, realizing the need to source alternative ingredients or pivot suppliers, or in prioritizing entire reformulations. For this reason, it’s ideal to have familiarity with the anticipated process in manufacture before starting a benchtop formulation.

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