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Contract Manufacturer Sourcing

The search for and selection of a contract manufacturer is often the keystone to any product’s development, launch, and legacy.

Making Connections

At the very least, the “how” behind a product’s creation (on a processing level), and the ability to achieve strategic volumes, is in the hands of the Contract Manufacturer. In many cases, the ability to achieve cost competitiveness (through at least ingredient contracts), as well as the “when” behind an order’s arrival to a distribution center (and therefore, a retailer), is also within the contract manufacturer’s scope. For these reasons, this selection process is critical, strategic, and carefully selected for your product’s necessary processing needs, geographic location, and a list of other considerations which may include the presence or absence of certain allergens, non-vegan, and organic ingredients.

FareScience specializes in the search and selection of a plant-based food or beverage manufacturing partner. In supporting a reliable, long-term business partnership, FareScience pulls first from a pre-vetted network of providers, offers on-site inspections, and works closely with a Contract Manufacturer's food scientists for initial pilot and production trials.


The most unique processes are often afforded to brands that own their manufacturing facility. However, the majority of innovators rely on relationships within the contract manufacturing landscape. Contract manufacturers specialize in the production of a category of one to several food applications, but it doesn’t mean your process can’t be unique. FareScience will also make an effort to work with a brand’s manufacturing partner to navigate and execute updates and accommodations of mutual benefit to both parties.

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