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FareScience is Personal

Our Mission

To re-infuse food product development with human creativity, equity, and adaptability. By efficiently designing plant-based foods that ought to exist, FareScience formulates and commercializes products that benefit both producers and consumers. FareScience rapidly advances foods that do well while maintaining nutrition, taste, price, and scalability.

Meet MJ

MJ Kinney, Founder & Food Scientist
As food systems reach levels of puzzling complexity, we risk losing the humanity in the production.


MJ uses her specialized scientific, social, and commercial knowledge to develop exceptional food products that do well for both producers and consumers. MJ is a food scientist and the founder of FareScience, specializing in alternative proteins. Her innovative approach relies on a comprehensive understanding of how R&D, marketing, sales, and project management interact. MJ’s creative and unique strategy is born from her varied roles in and around food science, as well as her successes in business to business, business to consumer, and non-profit sectors.

MJ’s product development experience spans the natural, organic, and plant-based foods segment, where she has formulated according to a wide variety of standards including vegan, clean label, USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, protein enhanced, and reduced sugar. She is a go-to expert for the application of plant protein ingredients into alternative meat, egg, and dairy products, as well as puffed snacks, cereals, beverages, spreads, sauces, and much more.

MJ operates FareScience to offer the essential services of food product development. By centralizing responsibility on one experienced and competent individual, FareScience efficiently integrates clients’ needs to deliver quality products with exceptional timeliness and affordability.

Moving food science forward

FareScience is committed to continuous learning and adaptation. Knowledge and information are key ingredients in advancing the art of food science. Check out MJ's publication below:

What an Equitable Food Industry Looks Like & How Alternative Protein Can Get Us There

Feb 12 2021  |  XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion

The transition from legacy to alternative protein presents a series of obstacles that will require an entire industry to think beyond the comforts afforded thus far in our careers...

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