August 7, 2018

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August 14, 2018

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Plants vs Animals: Gummies

February 19, 2018

An article that looks at plant-based alternatives to gelatin, as it relates to gummies.

School supplies. Now there's something I love shopping for!!

There are few things I appreciate more than a carefully-crafted selection of color-coded folders, notebooks, and mechanical pencils. I love school supplies so much, I never complain when the store reels out the seasonal display early... In fact, I think one of the biggest niches in today's market is a lack of "School Supplies" scented candles.

Do you remember those days?! The school supplies shopping list, assigned by classroom?

It went something like:
- composition notebooks (2)
- spiral bound notebooks (5)
- folders (double-pocket, 3-hole punch) (5)
- no. 2 pencils (12-pk)
- coloring pencils (12-pk)
- ** GLUE ** (2)

I recall showing up with my glitter pencil pouch, comparing pencil sharpeners (among other school supply selections), and proudly explaining why glue sticks were where it's at:

"No bubbling of paper, no seeping from corners, pure paper craftsmanship!"

I'm pretty sure that impressed all my friends. It especially impressed a certain boy on a mission to ruin everything. He said: 

"You know glue is made from the melted bones of animals - that's why there's a picture of a cow [referring to my glue stick]."

... Pretty sure it was the same kid who taught everyone their first swear word, and dropped news that raisins weren't really candy. Back then, I despised him. Today, I kind of want to meet his parents (just to make sense of what happened to him).

I've digressed.

Melted bones of animals.

It's all the rage (and I don't mean the kind vegans & animal-lovers experience emotionally). I mean its super sexy marketing, more specifically referred to as "paleo" and supported with claims for healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, muscles, etc.

Once seen through a lens of disgust (and quite literally tears whilst gluing my paper projects that day), I now see as a waste-not story, and a r