August 7, 2018

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Preparing for a Trial Run

August 14, 2018

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Super Bowls - they're not just for Sundays

February 6, 2018

They're for every damn day... but just HOW?! 

First things first, THIS - what you see above - is not REAL. I don't think anyone has the time to create such a work of art as a part of their morning routine. That's why you buy these for $12, or, you scroll an Instagram feed just to feel mega-inadequate. 

 Fret not, because most my mornings look like a rushed masquerade of multi-tasking (and it isn't pretty).

I do calf raises while blow-drying my hair.
Lunges while brushing my teeth.
Reading while on the toilet. (Hey, let's be real)

Bottom line: I don't put paralleled lines of ingredients on my green smoothie bowls on the regular. I do it now because I only cared to lure you in with a pretty picture. (I win)

For the record - smoothie bowls taste just as good in a cup. If you're the hipster I think you are, then I know you have a few of these (mason jars) laying around. 

"Smoothie bowl in a cup, you say? Well, isn't that just a smoothie?"

Don't give me your sass. I'm just asking you to embrace what it is you want from the food you eat.

For me, I want to pack my greens in a fashion that tastes good, requires minimal mess/time to eat, but still delivers on my deep-seeded longings - CRUNCH. TEXTURE. CHEWING.

I can't get that through a straw! So I eat my smoothie bowl in a mason jar with a spoon, thank you very much!

There's also no time for sprinkling. That's too delicate. Too tedious. It leaves particulates on my counter. Instead, I pre-make a "trail mix" of toppers for my smoothie drank*, then I scoop, dump, twist cap, go.

So instead of this:

You have this:


Below is the DL - so you can have your super bowl every damn day!

About this recipe.