August 7, 2018

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August 14, 2018

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Got the blog goin' up on a Tuesday

December 6, 2017





I've been thinking about this day for a while. Finally. Today is the day I drop blog numero uno. It's about values... with a sexy, food-related twist. My specialty. You can check it out here.

But first - 

Let's rewind on what this is all about. It's about food science... and lifestyle... with an interesting relevance to rap lyrics.

Food Science
The conversation surrounding my career choice has evolved, ever-so-slowly throughout the years. Fortunately, it has always been approached with a level of curiosity - a series of questions in figuring out what a food scientist does, and hesitation in not knowing enough to think what questions to ask. I'm still fine-tuning that message - evident by the fact my parents still don't understand just what it is I do.

What it is I do.
Product development. Taking a concept to commercialization. The industry I work in is food/beverage production. Responsibilities apart of the process include concept creation, formulation (“recipe” development), scaling to a commercialized level of production, sourcing ingredients, securing pricing through contracts, validating documentation, abiding by various regulations, and other certain parameters (ie: Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Allergen-free, etc.).

My role is one small part of the equation. The level of collaboration with other professions to take a product to the finish line is vast... It truly takes a small village to make any food product available for purchase.

With all that said, I am now taking what I’ve learned (& continue to learn) and applying it to a blog. A blog specifically catered to the consumer.

Who is “the consumer?”
The consumer is defined as anyone purchasing a food/beverage product. So, everyone? Not quite. The consumer that I hope reads this is someone who is not a stranger in feeling overwhelmed, conflicted, and confused by any food/beverage purchase. Further, this consumer would appreciate some clarity to their questions.

Why blog now?
Well, it’s long overdue. For anyone who knows me, I can talk about anything with anyone. However, I have excess conversation as it pertains to food. The purpose of farescience (my blog) is to facilitate a conversation around food, more specifically, its science and application toward an optimal lifestyle - complete with less confusion for the consumer.

Content revolves around two main segments:

(1) food science &
(2) lifestyle

The first is to deliver the technical foundation in an approachable fashion for any audience, but especially the consumer. Content as it pertains to food science is (for now) born out of my curiosity and observations, however, I would love if anyone sent me questions – specifically in areas they are admittedly confused!



The latter attempts to keep things fresh, entertaining, and human - including life hacks, DIY projects, self-experiments, cool products worth sharing, and life stuff… connected by way of food, explicit rap lyrics, or both