technical expertise

Technical information resource for on-going and case-by-case obstacles in food & beverage production.

technical questions

For food science expertise related to your food and beverage projects.

Ask me about:

  • Technical applications

  • Functional ingredients

  • Plant-based products

  • Clean-label solutions


nutrition facts

Generate compliant labels for current and 2020 guidelines.

Ideal for:

  • Reformulations

  • New products

  • Managing analytical
    methods & services



Identify & source ingredients for your products.

Looking for:

  • Functional, product-specific

  • Non-GMO & Organic

  • Allergen-free

  • Clean label



Converting standard recipes to formulas for commercial scale.

Ideal for:

  • Reformulations

  • Cost-savings

  • New concepts



On-going technical expertise for existing & new products.

Ideal for:

  • Part-time food scientist capacity

  • Frequent questions and guidance

MJ Kinney is a food scientist specializing in functional, plant-based product development.

Her mission is to make food & its science approachable, and a plant-forward diet practical. 

MJ's multifaceted background in R&D, technical sales, and project management brings a unique, combined knowledge of the B2B and B2C worlds in food industry.