project management

Combining ideas with strategy for a clear vision from start to finish -
including deliverables, deadlines, & communication for the whole team.


Concept development with clear parameters and product standards.

identify objectives

What are we trying to accomplish?

Getting intentional on:

  • Bottom line deliverables

  • Defining project completion


project scope

A SMART layout of your project - organized into stages for precise timing & budget.


  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable & Agreed upon

  • Realistic

  • Time-intentional



Where are we, and when will this be complete?


  • A precise guide from start to finish

  • Week-by-week progression

  • An effective design to adapt to unforeseen obstacles and consequential delays


weekly deadlines

Because your project timeline is designed week-by-week, weekly updates & reports are a breeze.

Weekly reports include:

  • Project status (on-track, off-track)

  • Project updates & next steps

  • Questions & considerations

  • Attachments & links


team communication

Get everyone on the same page.

Providing communication ease via:

  • Shared, reliable file storage

  • Precise project timelines

  • Weekly reports

MJ Kinney is a food scientist specializing in functional, plant-based product development.

Her mission is to make food & its science approachable, and a plant-forward diet practical. 

MJ's multifaceted background in R&D, technical sales, and project management brings a unique, combined knowledge of the B2B and B2C worlds in food industry.